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Our Purpose

Homeownership:  Housing Matters strives to help individuals and families become homeowners. We are working with community lenders and agencies with programs that help fulfill a families dream of homeownership. We do this by connecting the people to the available resources and help walk them through the process to becoming a successful homeowner. We hope to be able to offer homeownership trainings in the near future that would allow us to walk alongside the new homeowner and help them with payment and utility budgeting, home repair savings and general homeownership responsibilities.

Employment: Housing Matters works closely with the Port Huron Housing Commission and their Resident Opportunity for Self Sufficiency (ROSS) Grant team to provide listings of available jobs in our community. We also work with the MI-WORKS Young Professionals program to not only encourage these young professionals to participate in the program but to also help place these young professionals in jobs throughout the community. We have partnered with the Port Huron Housing Commission and their HUD Section 3 program to assist eligible low income residents in obtaining work and or training through job opportunities that are created through their Capital Fund Program.

Education: Housing Matters takes education for low income people very seriously as we believe that an education is the first step to breaking the poverty cycle within a family. We believe this so much that we have partnered and have started a college scholarship program for the residents of the Port Huron Housing Commission. Each year at least two $500.00 scholarships are made available to residents who apply and meet the application criteria. They can receive up to 4 scholarships totaling $2,000.00 over their educational career. We are also working closely with the St. Clair County Community College on this endeavor and other means to provide an affordable education to our low income individuals within our community. We are currently considering partnering with the Port Huron Housing Commission to provide hands on trade trainings to be held at their Reinvestment Center.

Self-Sufficiency: Although Self-Sufficiency is the key to anyone’s success, self-sufficiency is different with every individual and family to be considered successful. We are working with the Port Huron Housing Commission ROSS Grant team to work individually with individuals and families to case manage alongside them towards their goals of self-sufficiency, no matter what that goal is. For some it may be as simple as keeping their residency, staying on local agency programs to house and feed their children or it may be to help an individual achieve the skills they need to obtain that career job that they have always wanted. Whatever it is that will help an individual or family become self-sufficient, Housing Matters wants to be here for them to succeed.

Entrepreneurship: Housing Matters works as the nexus between individuals that want to start a business and the local agencies that can provide further education and guidance to become a successful entrepreneur. We are continuously looking for grant opportunities that would be a benefit for individuals achieve their start in the business ownership world. Opportunities could range from on the job trainings, to business incubators, to privately owned businesses.